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  • What is Ginga’s Refund Policy?
    Ginga Soccer has a strict no-refund policy. Once you sign the registration form and commit to a team/program, you are financially responsible for the entire season/program. Additional expenses are due upon request by the Academy.
  • What is Ginga’s Payment Policy?
    All fees for camps or other Academy-related activities must be paid at the time of registration. Participation is not allowed until payment is made. Using the payment plan does not exempt the player and family from paying the registration fee in full, regardless of any changes in circumstances before completing the plan.
  • Are parents allowed to watch the training?
    Parents are welcome to observe training as long as they do not interfere with the program's process.
  • What camps will be offered throughout the year, and when can I register my child?
    Ginga Soccer offers numerous camps, including March Break, Summer, and Christmas Break.
  • Does my child need any skills or a particular level of soccer to participate?
    All soccer programs are open to children with any previous level of soccer experience. Participants are grouped by age and skill level on the first day.
  • Who can take part in the programs?
    The soccer programs are designed for boys and girls aged 7 to 17, offering a comprehensive program covering soccer skills, drills, and nutrition.
  • What do they learn at the soccer programs?
    Professional coaches and skilled assistants with extensive experience teach technical skills, tactics, and strategies.
  • What payment types do you accept?
    We accept payment Online, Cheque, or Cash.
  • When do I have to reserve a place by?
    Spaces are limited, so we recommend reserving a course as early as possible. Availability is generally open until the week before the program starts.
  • Can I reserve a place on a program at the last minute?
    Most programs are fully booked a week before the camp starts, but occasional cancellations or date changes may occur. Contact us for last-minute availability.
  • Can I change the dates of my reservation?
    Changes depend on program availability and conditions. Additional charges may apply for date changes.
  • How many supervisors are there per child?
    Normally, there is a group of 15–20 students per supervisor.
  • What happens if my child has an allergy or special dietary needs?
    Notify us immediately about any special care or dietary needs. We can accommodate these needs if informed in advance.
  • Can my child take part if he/she wears glasses?
    It is recommended that children wearing glasses use special sport glasses or contact lenses for flexibility and safety.
  • What is the average size of the programs?
    The average size of a soccer program is around 30-40 students, with some larger programs.


Ginga Soccer Pro Training Facility

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