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The Roots of GINGA – A Journey Through Time and Culture –


Ginga finds its origins in the Kikongo language, spoken in parts of present-day Angola and the Congo Kingdom. The Portuguese, arriving in the early fifteenth century, played a role in shaping the cultural connections that brought Ginga into the Portuguese language. This linguistic evolution occurred through various influences:


1. Nzinga, Mbundo Queen: The metonymic effect of Nzinga, the first woman to lead the Mbundo Kingdom, left an imprint on the Portuguese language as a reference to warriors and a secret male society.


2. Ngingas Warriors: Referred to as 'ginga' by the Portuguese, these warriors played a crucial role, according to African historian Joseph Miller.


3. Jinga in Mbundo: The word 'Jinga,' with its semantic focus on constant movement, also contributed to the development of Ginga.


In Brazilian Portuguese, Ginga is a slang word synonymous with shaking the body with skill. It represents a search for a balanced life, embodied by the flow and rhythm of movement. Ginga captures the fluidity of motion seen in athletes like Ronaldo and Michael Jordan, embodying the rhythm of life.


Ginga serves as the life force of Afro-Brazilian people, resonating with Afro-Americans and Native Americans. For Rio de Janeiro resident Jefferson, Ginga is reflected in his way of walking, speaking, and dressing – a slow, dancing, and light-hearted approach to life.


Music plays a pivotal role in Ginga's essence, symbolizing rhythm present in everything, from the sea to the wind through the trees. Tuning into this rhythm harmonizes the physical and spiritual selves, allowing individuals to achieve excellence. Brazilian footballers, hailed as the best globally, attribute their unique style and fluency of motion to the power of Ginga.


In essence, Ginga is a gift from the divine, accessible to all who are willing to tune in and receive its transformative energy.


Our Mission

At Ginga Soccer Academy, we extend a warm welcome to all boys and girls aged 6-16, fostering an environment that not only advances athletic skills but also promotes mental growth through teamwork, friendship building, and an unforgettable soccer experience.

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